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NMT-450 project, part 3: Some silicon and practically no progress

Nothing much has happened in the past half a year. I am having a hard time finding contiguous stretches of time to devote to this project. I have had some international interest. Mainly from countries where NMT has been relevant. … Continue reading

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NMT-450 project, part 2: FM and LO design work

I have started the project from the ground-up; learning the basics behind all the key systems. The control signalling is pretty straight-forward. You have commands that are prefixed with sync bytes and suffixed by checksums. Nothing special.

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NMT-450 BS/MTX project, part 1

Introduction A few months ago I developed an interest in radio frequency communications. Before that, it has mostly been a complete mystery to me. I read about the subject and figured out basic concepts such as super heterodyning, frequency modulation … Continue reading

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If you have this type of Samsung color laser MFD, you might have run into this issue. You try to print or copy a page and after a while, the printing stops and you see “DEVE HOME SENSOR ERROR” on … Continue reading

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I²C troubleshooting

Sometimes you might run into a situation when one or more of your I2C devices don’t work. I deal with barometric pressure sensors in my work and these work on the I2C bus. I’ve been banging my head against the … Continue reading

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What happens when a V-groove hits your copper pour

When you design PCBs for work, cost-effectiveness is a big factor. To help you out in the that department, you usually design your board to be a big panel. This panel is then CNC routed to contain a V-groove. This … Continue reading

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I²C Address Probe for PICs (CCS compiler)

As a part of my work, I wrote this simple I2C address probe. It’s for PIC microcontrollers, using CCS compiler. (It’s here mostly as a note for myself, but you might find it useful as well.)

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Comments disabled for now

I’m disabling comments for now. I get two to three spam comments a day, which isn’t much by itself, but I get a notification on my phone every single time. That’s annoying. For spammers: don’t waste those poor Indian people’s … Continue reading

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Mils to millimeters cheatsheet

When I design PCBs I use millimeters for drill sizes, component pad distances and sizes and for board outlines. Somehow I ended up using mils for trace widths and clearances. This doesn’t really make sense, and now I decided I … Continue reading

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Project AmbiHDMI is progressing

I’ve made progress with AmbiHDMI. The PCB shipment is on its way from China, and it should arrive early next week (I hope!). UPS dropped off a package from Farnell today. See, I was contacted by Farnell a few weeks … Continue reading

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