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I²C troubleshooting

Sometimes you might run into a situation when one or more of your I2C devices don’t work. I deal with barometric pressure sensors in my work and these work on the I2C bus. I’ve been banging my head against the … Continue reading

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I²C Address Probe for PICs (CCS compiler)

As a part of my work, I wrote this simple I2C address probe. It’s for PIC microcontrollers, using CCS compiler. (It’s here mostly as a note for myself, but you might find it useful as well.)

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Idea: Radio-to-Bluetooth gateway for deer hunting

An old friend from school called me out of the blue and asked if I could design a sort of Bluetooth handsfree gateway for a deer hunting radio. He wanted to leave the actual radio handset in the car and … Continue reading

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Idea: The USB(P)ROM

In my BSc thesis I’m developing a custom CPU core. For the purposes of debugging and rapid software development it would be beneficiary to have a faster way of delivering software than having an EEPROM or a Flash memory unseated/programmed/seated. … Continue reading

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Idea: Yet another Philips Ambilight clone

Some of you might be familiar with the Philips Ambilight technology from a few years back. It’s basically a dynamic, adaptive backlight for a television. It takes an average color of a section of a screen and projects this to … Continue reading

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